Our Group

M&S is an independent physician group with a long and storied history of innovating imaging care in San Antonio for over 60 years. Our history leads us forward as we grow our practice balanced with hospitals, imaging centers and a large-scale teleradiology network covering the entire state of Texas and looking beyond.

Mission Statement:

M&S Radiology’s mission is to provide exceptional diagnostic testing and accurate interpretations in San Antonio and throughout Texas. With our highly-skilled Board-Certified radiologists and conscientious, dedicated staff, we strive to provide all of our clients’ radiology imaging needs, and implement timely results to our clients’ physicians.

M&S Culture

M&S offers an alternative to the corporate vision of physician groups run for the benefit of remote shareholders.  As an independent Radiology group, we provide innovative imaging care and empower physicians to be the engine driving patient care rather than ceding that responsibility to an unseen group of financiers focused solely on the bottom line. We foster a culture encouraging the individual strengths of each team member and we work hard to provide consistent high quality and courteous patient care. We tirelessly advocate for our patients and contracted facilities.

After more than 60 years of stable and sustainable growth, we still do imaging the right way.

M&S History

The physicians of M&S are intimately tied to the earliest history of medical imaging in San Antonio as part of the Baptist Health System and its predecessor 1920s-era facility and have been a fundamental part of Baptist’s medical staff leadership since then.

The founding physician members of M&S first joined together to provide services to the M&S (Medical and Surgical) clinic, known simply as “M&S”, in downtown San Antonio. The M&S clinic opened in 1927 at 215 Camden St along the northern edge of the downtown San Antonio area. The then suburban location fit in well alongside the established private Physicians’ and Surgeons’ hospital on nearby Dallas Street, which was opened in 1903. These two hospitals were positioned separate from the other two hospitals in the more central part of downtown San Antonio. Those other two downtown hospitals were the Brady Green, a city-county hospital formed in the more central downtown area in 1918, and the Santa Rosa Hospital, a Catholic hospital which opened in 1869. Together, these four facilities formed the medical center area of the early 1900’s in old San Antonio.

The M&S Memorial hospital had its origin in the desire of a group of physicians to get away from the congested downtown district and provide a few rooms for patients undergoing examination. The hospital provided wards and community rooms for patients not able to afford private rooms, but also provided facilities “for the discriminating patient” with hardwood floors, private bathrooms, and “the best-grade Simmons hotel beds”. The clinic grew into a full-service hospital, with “X-ray, clinical laboratory, basal metabolism room, electrocardiograph, and physiotherapy departments”.

The M&S clinic was reincorporated into a non-profit institution and renamed the “Medical and Surgical Memorial Hospital” in 1936 and opened an affiliated nursing school in 1939. The nearby Physicians’ and Surgeons’ hospital which opened in 1903 also had a training school for nurses. The two hospitals began to merge during WWII, as they combined their nursing schools to train nurses for military service. The merger was completed in 1945 under the name of the Medical and Surgical Memorial Hospital and began planning for expansion.

The combined M&S/P&S complex became affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention in 1948, at which time its name was changed to the “Baptist Memorial Hospital”. The Baptist Memorial hospital was soon expanded into a 100-bed unit and later became the Baptist Medical Center, the flagship hospital of the Baptist Health System. The P&S facility was torn down in the mid-1960s to make way for a new addition to the Baptist hospital. Parts of the M&S hospital remain in service even today, in the M&S tower which houses a few of the Baptist administrative offices.

The Radiologists of M&S originally worked in the M&S hospital and in the early days of the Baptist Memorial Hospital as hospital employees as was the model of the day for Radiologists and many other hospital-based physicians. Dr. Hugo Elmendorf served as the Chief of Radiology at the Baptist Hospital from 1959-1988, bridging the gap between the group’s status as hospital employees and the later as an independent physician group. Changing government regulations of the 1960s encouraged the formation of independent physician group practices and led the radiologists of the M&S/Baptist facility to incorporate under the name of “M&S X-Ray Associates” in 1970.

The physicians of M&S have covered the Baptist Medical Center since its inception – in truth, since before its inception, and have grown along with Baptist. The outpatient imaging centers of M&S were among the first in the city of San Antonio and were the first in the city to both recognize the potential of and invest in PET imaging as part of its oncology imaging program.

M&S’ joint venture partnership with the Baptist Health System began in 2004, forming the outpatient imaging center system currently known as the Baptist M&S Imaging Centers. The Baptist M&S Imaging Centers have grown into a leading outpatient imaging center system in San Antonio, providing high quality and cost-conscious outpatient imaging with all modalities throughout the entire city. To this day, the Baptist M&S Imaging Centers is often referred to by community physicians, administrators, and patients, as simply “M&S”.

Our firm foundation in hospital- and imaging center-based imaging allowed M&S Radiology to expand into teleradiology to amplify our ability to provide imaging care for patients. We purposefully reinforced our teleradiology network to ensure a stable platform for high quality teleradiology services. That platform has allowed M&S to grow into a large-scale independent teleradiology service provider, covering medical facilities from Corpus Christi and the Rio Grande Valley to the Dallas Fort Worth area, and from El Paso into East Texas.

The physicians of M&S have a deep appreciation for the long-term historical connections we have with the Baptist Health System and the city of San Antonio. Our San Antonio roots hold strong as we continue to grow our positive impact on patient care throughout Texas and looking beyond.